Score Sheets

Here Be Screenshots

Overall statistics across matches.

The Stats Sheet… no input required, simply play and watch the numbers gather.

Match score sheet

The Match Sheet… plug in the match points and table size, and then for each inning, the balls pocketed in the “Balls” column, and why the inning ended in the “Finish” column. It’s that easy!

They’re provided as is, though I do tweak them a bit every now and again. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to comment below. I’m always open for suggestions and ideas.

All are in both Excel 2003 and GoogleDocs format.

  • Straight Pool (14:1 Continuous) Scoresheet (~220KB Excel 2003 .zip / GoogleDocs)

    A handy (at least for me) spreadsheet I built that takes most of the work out of playing Straight Pool. All the players need do, aside from actually bringing a laptop with them to make the recording of the match easier and the statistics real-time, is in the shaded columns place the number of balls potted, and then place a letter in the adjacent column indicating why the inning ended, be it a miss (m), a safety (s) or, Heaven forbid, a foul (f).

    What you get…

    • 1 worksheet for stats across 10 games
    • 10 worksheets, one for each game, on which match points, table size and scores are entered.

    What it does…

    • displays the total balls potted
    • tracks the current rack
    • tallies the balls potted in the current rack
    • figures the balls remaining in the current rack
    • determines the foul the player is on (with appropriate penalties for consecutive fouls)
    • knows the number of successful safeties
    • tells of the number of unsuccessful safeties
    • calculates the player’s current score
    • reveals the player’s high run
    • computes the number of runs 5 and over
    • enumerates the number of runs 10 and over
    • reckons the number of runs 20 and over

    As you can see, it’s chock full of geekish goodness. Enjoy!

  • Straight Pool (14:1 Continuous) Three Player Scoresheet (~313KB Excel 2003 .zip / GoogleDocs)

    This spreadsheet is pretty much the same as the other, keeping track of all the same things, except it does so for three players, rather than two. Sometimes it’s fun to play a game of Round Robin Straight. It keeps everyone involved and feeling good.

  • Equal Offense Scoresheet (~18KB Excel 2003 .zip / GoogleDocs)

    This one is pretty simple.

    1. For each frame in a game, put your run in the first column, and the reason the run ended in the second, be it a miss (m), a safety (s) or, Heaven forbid, a foul (f).
    2. Watch the pretty graphs draw themselves!

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