Seasons Change

I didn’t ride at all last week. I spent the majority of the work week in Omaha, and neither Sunday nor Saturday saw any saddle time. I did ride the previous Saturday, and again yesterday, but for the entire first week of September, I rode zero miles.

So imagine how drastic the temperature change was to me, when the last time I rode home from work it was nearly 70°F in the morning, and over 90°F in the evening! Today it was 62°F at departure, grey and drizzly. All in all, a rather dismal day.

I was going to take the long way home by way of Indian Creek Trail, and grabbing Gary Haller trail where it intercepts 127th near Ridgeview. That plan changed the instant I walked outside and felt the chill in the air. Rather than enjoy a leisurely ride home, I hammered it pretty well (against a fell wind) the short way home.

I’m really going to have to get back in the habit of paying attention to the weather. I’ve enjoyed being able to ignore the temperature all summer, but methinks those days are over, at least until next summer. We may have another warm spell, but I picture colder and colder days from here through the end of the year. It makes me sad.

Also out enjoying the weather today was Megan Hottman, the owner/operator of Defined Fitness Training, the club I’m a member of. She raced in the women’s criterium being run in conjunction with the Tour of Missouri. Unfortunately, I don’t know how she did yet, but I’ll post it here once I find out.

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