Good Pace, and Dealing With the Enemy this Morning

Last night’s ride home was the *perfect* combination of decent temperature, and spot-on clothing. 55°F with light layers up top and simple mesh sweats on my legs. Thing long fingered gloves rounded it out enough that I took a longish detour at the end of the ride just to stay out a little longer.

This morning was a touch cooler, and very foggy. So much so that I had to take off my glasses b/c they kept getting peppered with little blinding droplets of water. Between that and the fog, I was blind within two miles.

The only other notable hap this morning was a white van on the Quivira overpass. I was in the right lane as I neared the left turn onto 91st, I signaled my intent to take it, meaning I’d have to change lanes to the left first. There were a few cars approaching from behind me in the left lane, so I held my arm out while they passed. A white van was behind me at this time. Watching the other cars and her, I began moving towards the left when the path cleared. Halfway to the other lane, she decides to switch lanes and pass me fast on the left! She wasted that much extra gas by gunning the engine, and nearly made me miss my turn to save nearly 0.000098 seconds off her drive. How common.

My arm was out signaling for probably 10 seconds before this. PLENTY of time for her to see and recognize my intent. I just yelled “Thank you!!!” and waved with my still outstretched hand as she passed.


It’s drivers like that, and drivers like this that give cyclists good reason to view every motorized vehicle on the road as The Enemy.

Aside from that, even though I’d made no effort to make good time, I still averaged about 12.8mph. Not bad for a 55lbs fully laden mountain bike on knobbies through rolling neighborhood hills. Not quite the 14.3 of yesterday morning, but I tried yesterday. I didn’t try so hard today.

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