Friday, May 14, 2010

Bike Week KC

I've not been very good about riding my bike to work the last couple of weeks. I was gung-ho the first week, and rode every day. The last couple of weeks, though... I don't know, I just didn't have it in me. I caved to the pull of the seat vs. the saddle. I took the easier, more populated road. Can't say I felt great about it, and though there were only a couple of days where I legitimately needed the car to either be somewhere far away quickly, or to carry something my bike just isn't equipped to carry (lumber, for instance), I did it every day anyway.

Bike Week KC starts up next week, and I joined up on Brent Hugh's MoBikeFed Wheel Wizards team, for no other reason than b/c I got a mass e'mail from him about it. I couldn't pick the man out of a crowd, but if it keeps him from buying dinner for other people I don't know, and helps me with the whole biking thing...

Well, why not?

So... I'm signed up, and though I'll need my car at least one day next week, I don't see why I can't ride to work the rest...

See you out there. And Noah if I see you, I promise I'll wave back.

Keep ridin'...

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