Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Verizon Clearly Doesn't Know Me

Lately it seems that every time I reboot my Blackberry 9360 Tour (which I'm quite fond of, incidentally), there's another strange new app loaded onto it. At first, I thought it was odd... Slacker Radio was there, bright and shiny on my home screen. "Odd" I thought to myself, "I don't remember getting that... must have missed a clause in some EULA somewhere". Then Bing showed up. Then Skype.

Ok. Something is up.

Then today, NFL Mobile showed up.

Seriously. Verizon. You clearly don't know me. It's obvious at this point that you have no idea who I am.

Let me be absolutely clear on this. I couldn't possibly care less about the NFL.

I did a quick Google (!Bing) search on line, and found this: Free NFL Mobile App for Blackberry Now Available. Thoughts and solutions to this intrusive (though unavoidable at the moment) practice are in the comments.

In short, you can...

  • Delete the service, though it will probably show up again when you resend your service book.
  • Simply hide the icons, or put them all in a single folder and hide the folder.
  • Install the app, and then delete it. Until you install it, the delete option is unavailable.

Hope that helps...

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