Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday Nights at Wheeler Airport

We've recently started up a Thursday Night Ride at the Wheeler Airport just northwest of downtown KC. It's a 4.3 mile loop around the limited access road that surrounds the airport. It's popular due to the lack of traffic, the relatively flat course, and the fact that you're never more than 2 miles from you car (in case things go south one way or another).

If you're into training, it's a good location to gauge progress over time, and between rides.

If you want to join us, we meet at 5:30pm every Thursday night at the Wheeler Airport, just off the Broadway Bridge, north of downtown KC. Last week we rode for an hour or so, at a 18-22mph pace.

There are two main parking lots to set off from, and we'll make it a habit to meet near Hanger 3.

Today, however, on only our second go around, it's raining steady and may not lighten up by tonight.

- Keep Ridin'

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