Friday, January 29, 2010

Guest Author: Mrs. Cue Ball


I don't think you deserve an explanation for how I've treated you. I don't think I owe you anything. But I think we have a chance, you and I, of getting back what we once had, so I'm going to give you one.

I don't always go where you want me to go, and often I go exactly where you don't want me to go. What do you expect? You haven't been visiting me that much. I'm hurt, and am feeling neglected by the lack of attention lately. So, yeah, maybe I am being a little passive aggressive. Instead of talking to you directly, I behave badly, and hope you'll work it out yourself. I'm talking to you directly now, though. So anything that happens after this is on you.

If you'd just spend more time with me, I wouldn't have to hide myself behind the pretty blue 2 ball. With more attention, I may have slowed to a stop a few inches back that way, and let you see your 11 ball. Look at it, all pretty and stripey. Oh wait. You can't see it. The 2 is in the way. My bad. *shrug*

Also, about that thing you call a stroke. I bet you can't even remember what it's called, can you? Can you? Chicken wing! That's what it's called. But what's it all about? Where'd that come from? You used to hit me true and on the straight and narrow. I used to know right where to expect you. Now, you're all over the place. What am I supposed to do with that? I try to go where you want me to go, but what you apparently want, and what you're telling me are two completely different things.

You did this to yourself. It's not my fault you decided you had more important things to do. Now you want to come back and pick up where things left off. Well, let me tell you, it's not that simple. It's not going to happen that way. I lost faith in you. I lost trust in you. You're going to have to earn it back. That means time. That means attention, and if you want me back, you're going to have to give me that time and attention. If I don't get it, I'm going to keep dumping you for the other person to see how they do.

I'm being straight with you here, which is more than I can say for how you've been treating me, Mr. Chicken Wing.

Now, I'm not saying I'll leave you forever. I think we have a chance. We used to have something real good going on. It was solid. We liked each other. We joked around. We played, we laughed. we had a great time! I'm telling you, we can have all that again. But it's conditional... we can have all that again on the condition that you treat me right, and with the respect you used to show me; the respect I deserve. We have a chance, you and I, but remember what I said: time and attention. There are no freebies here. You can't just expect me to do what you want. You have to earn it.

I'm around... you just have to find me again.
Cue Ball