Monday, November 9, 2009

A Series of Fortunate Events

It's a bit dark in the mornings these days to break out the camera and provide visual evidence of how gorgeous it is. Not that that's anything new to the huge number of readers I have the pleasure of counting as my audience. I have really nice camera, but I just can't seem to stop myself while riding long enough to take pictures. Maybe one day I'll learn to slow down and enjoy the views a bit more. Maybe some day I'll come up with a safe way to store the camera so that it's easily accessible.

Until then, my flowery language will have to suffice.

At better than 60°F this morning, cloudy and just slightly damp, it was a truly spectacular 5 mile ride in to work.

I couldn't have driven even if I'd wanted to, as my car is in the shop getting it's transmission and fuel system flushed, a tire repaired, and some drying and cracking belt that apparently runs lots of really important systems replaced.

Would I have driven? Maybe. I might have driven and brought with me a week's worth of clothes so I didn't have to pack each day. Then I would have driven again on Friday to take it all back home. This is an odd week, though... Nov. 11th is a holiday, and I have an early morning meeting on the 12th I have to drive in for. It'd be a weird week anyway. So I probably would have just packed the three days I'll be riding and called it good.

What's the real point of this post though? Even though my car is in the shop, I was able to easily make it to work without relying directly on anyone else, using skills and techniques that I've developed myself. We won't get into the hair splitting exercise that I do, in fact, rely on countless people, including bike manufacturers, road crews, clothing designers and manufacturers, programmers, etc. We'll just leave it with the idea that this morning, I got here on my own power.

In the end, I'm fortunate in that I don't require my car at work today, but I'm prepared in that I don't require my car to get to work. The gorgeous weather just adds icing to an already fortunately well-prepared day.

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