Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pay-As-You-Go Auto Insurance

Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner of California released regulations permitting and authorizing mileage verification for pay-as-you-drive. The idea being that Californians won't drive as much if they pay-per-mile.

Spokesmen from a few Insurance companies, including State Farm and Allstate, have stated that they are considering pay-per-mile auto insurance but haven't decided whether or not it'll actually become a reality.

With the economy being the way it is, getting a...

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Is it just me, or would this be of great benefit to those of us who ride our bikes as much as, if not more than, we drive?

I can hear the detractors now, though... "Pay your fair share of the road costs! Register your bike so you have a right to the road just like we do!" Bah. As if insurance payments go to road maintenance.

I wonder if, after a year on a pay-as-you-go plan, they'd be willing to go the same route as utility companies who offer "Budget Billing" rates based on the average of your last 12 months?

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