Tuesday, October 13, 2009

First Commute Ride in over a Year

I had no idea that it'd been that long. The last time I rode my bike to work was October 3rd, 2008. Well, unless you count today, that is.

I dressed well for the chill 44°F air, and 12mph ENE wind. Naturally, I'm heading SE, so it was a head/side wind. The wind will undoubtedly shift so that it's a head/side wind this evening.

The only thing I'd change is the panniers. The TransIt Garment Bag is a great bag, and I'd recommend it to anyone, though I would stress trying it on for size first. On every back stroke, my heels scraped the front of the bag, and it's set on the rack about as far back as it'll go. Were the strap on the front of the bag that ties it to the seat tube a little longer, it might work better. As it is, though, it's going to scrape.

So, tonight I'll bring clothes for the rest of the week in to work (I have to come back up here anyway - and yes, I'll drive due to the schedule and the various buildings I have to visit), and try to figure out something to do with the panniers.

The digs in the new building aren't ideal, but I'll make it work.

All in all, it's damn nice to be back on the saddle again.

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