Friday, October 16, 2009

A Balmy 42 This Morning

To this day, I very clearly remember the joy and relief I felt when the morning temperatures finally returned to the 40's and 50's last year. It was sometime in March, I believe, and it was a blessed relief after a couple months of temperatures below 10°F, and in the teens and twenties. It didn't stay steady in the 50's, but it was a wonderful sign of things to come.

Now, I know it's only going to get colder, so I'm enjoying the 40's while they last.

This morning, at 42°F, I was quite comfortable.

Some thoughts about my equipment:

Feet: Wool socks with plastic bags around my toes for wind breakage. And Shimano MTB shoes.
Torso/Arms: A moderately thick wicking layer, a thin wicking layer and a wind breaker.
Hands: Salsa N'AGUA™ Gloves.
Head: A thin head scarf pulled down over my ears and the standard helmet.

If I were to change a thing, it would be to eliminate the thin wicking layer. I got a touch warmish up top.

I think it's time for a new helmet, too. I've had my Giro Atmos for a few years now, and I hear it's a good idea to replace them periodically. With all the weather extremes it's seen, I'm sure it's ready to retire.

I think I'll go for something a little cheaper, and with a little more breathing room for the head coverings I'll be using this winter. I'm thinking about the Urbanize N Light, though I can't help but think it looks pretty dorky. Then again, is there a bike helmet that doesn't? Maybe I'll pull out all the stops and go for the pink one.

Regardless, I won't buy anything without trying it on, and the only place in town that appears to carry them is Waldo Bikes. Does anyone have any experience with this helmet? Any reviews worth reading? Any other ideas? My only requirements are that the helmet fit, and that front and rear lights can be mounted to it.

Preferrably blinky lights.

The TransIt Garment Bag works out a lot better on my Kona Dew Drop than it ever did on my (now deceased) Kona Fire Mountain (may she rest in peace). The rack just holds it in a much better position, and though the straps don't hold it down quite as tight, it's still plenty tight for urban/residential riding.

Oh, and I need to correct a previous post. The last time I rode to work last year was December 8th. Don't know where I got that October 3rd date. So it really hasn't been that long.

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